Philippe Gerum wrote:

This time, the merge window is closed for good; no kidding. This said, too many changes since -rc3 have taken place for releasing v2.1 without one more -rc iteration, so here is -rc4. Major updates are as follows:

- scalable timer management using non-linear access (Gilles)
- shared real-time interrupt support (Dmitry)
- POSIX updates (Gilles)
- UVM fixes (me)
- registry support abstraction (me)
- RTDM updates (Jan)
- building blocks for Debian packaging (Romain Lenglet)

Ciao Philippe!

During I noticed that

Adeos/i386 1.XXXX (newgen) installed.
Links installed.
Build system ready.

is not printed anymore. Bug or feature ?

Best regards,

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