Hannes Mayer wrote:
> Hannes Mayer wrote:
>> Ciao Jan!
>> It doesn't seem to make a difference if one uses
>> With RTDM_IRQ_NONE the IRQ should be passed to linux,
>> right ? But it doesn't seem to happen - this brought
>> up the "top" problem I've posted a few days ago.
> Returning XN_ISR_PROPAGATE passes the grabbed timer
> interrupt to Linux and "top" works again.

As forwarding interrupts to the non-realtime domain is not a common
use-case of realtime device drivers, I decided to drop the propagation
support at RTDM level. So if you are including this mechanism in your
demo, please mark this pattern as something RTDM drivers should normally
NOT do (and explain what's reason for it here).


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