Romain Lenglet wrote:

When is the version number changed in the config/version file?
Is that value the version 1) of the next release being prepared, or 2) of the last release?

This is a concern for packaging. I would like to make two series of Debian packages: xenomai, libxenomai, etc. for the official releases, and xenomai-svn, libxenomai-svn, etc. for periodical extracts from the svn repository after releases. The problem is: what versions to give to the *-svn packages? For instance, the current value in config/version is 2.0.93. The current xenomai-svn package would then have version 2.0.93+svn20060306 (or something like that).

Adding the atomic commit number would be useful.

Using versioning scheme 1), the next xenomai package would have version 2.0.93.

2.0.94, or 2.1.0 actually.

 This is bad, because the xenomai-svn could not
be replaced by the next xenomai package:
2.0.93 < 2.0.93+svn20060306.
Even if xenomai (official release package) is more recent.

Using versioning scheme 2) works, because the next xenomai package would have version 2.0.94 (or 2.1 or...), and hence would have priority over the older xenomai-svn packages.

So, could someone confirm that what is currently done is scheme 2), i.e. the version in config/version is modified just before tagging the repository and releasing?

There is no current scheme for managing the version file; it's updated when I happen to think about bumping the version number. I could enforce 2) from now on though, and only change the version stamp just before a release.



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