Christopher Stone wrote:
> In light of the desire for support below, would the Xenomai team
> consider listing companies capable of commercial support on their
> website, or create another mailing list for us to announce commercial
> offerings around Xenomai. I am prepared to contribute to Xenomai in
> order to receive this privilege.

We had such a page on the old RTAI site, though not really populated I
think to remember. I personally have no concerns creating such a forum
for Xenomai as well. I think we could start with a link sub-page on

> Sorry for discussing commercial issues on your mailing list. If it
> makes it any better, we are a very small company, just trying to make
> a living, not a big corporate conglomerate.

I'm convinced that this is not a question of big or small. There should
just be a good balance between taking and giving.

> As a final point, I believe Xenomai is very well positioned to become
> very popular and "future proof". I believe the next frontier for
> Linux is industrial grade Linux, or Linux on the factory floor and
> Xenomai will end up the technology of choice to make that happen.
> Contrary to many opinions I have heard, I beleve the rt-preempt work
> done by Ingo Molnar will enhance Xenomai and not replace it. I also

Yep, that is one important point why Xenomai is future-proof in my eyes.
The day may come when significant parts of the PREEMPT_RT effort are
merged into mainline. But then Xenomai will still be able to offer
either staged degrees of hard-RT side by side with that approach, or
become a wrapping layer on top of the new deterministic and fast
infrastructure (PREEMPT_RT + RT-extended glibc). No one should expect
that this will happen soon, PREEMPT_RT has just started its tricky way
into the kernel.

> think the break from RTAI was very smart as it has given you the
> flexibility to move Xenomai in the direction it needs to go. The
> recent releases have made Xenomai ready for the commercial world. So,
> kudos to the Xenomai team. You guys are proving to be great leaders
> with the right technology at the right time.

This nice compliment clearly has to be passed to our smart maintainer!


PS: Do you already have specific plans for potential contributions? I'm
just curious.

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