> For your information Xenomai website currently uses Joomla CMS framework.
> The website is currently hosted by the fsffrance whose sys admin is really
> careful about security issues. This means that we are advised to use debian
> stable packages only. I don't know if such a package exists for Planet (I
> don't find it via debian search engine.)

No there is none yet.
To install it on Sarge, you must install packages python-feedparser and 
Then, download the tarball from planetplanet's website, configure the 
templates, and make the python script run through cron. It generates static 
HTML pages, and is not a dynamic script, so there are little security risks, 
except that it must download the news feed files from the Internet to 
generate the pages.

> I need to check first if it is not possible to register news feeds directly
> with Joomla. Maybe it offers this functionality as a module. I'm quite sure
> though I am going to stick to joomla because I noticed that some browsers
> (Konqueror for example) have problems displaying the website correctly !

I am using Konqueror 3.5.1, and I have no problem?!

Romain Lenglet

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