As Alan B. Shepard once put it, "It's been a long way, but we're here". v2.1 final is now on GNA's download area, with only few changes since -rc4. This milestone is important in that most - if not all - of the annoying legacy inherited from the RTAI/fusion times has been resolutely reworked more sanely. Here are the major evolutions you will find in this release, in no particular order:

- Complete integration of Xenomai's kernel components into the Linux kernel build system, which among other things, enables static builds of Xenomai within a kernel image, while keeping the modular builds available on option. - Complete decoupling between Xenomai's kernel and user-space components, which in turn largely improves friendliness toward other languages than C for application developers, and makes an ABI slowly emerge.
- Improved scalability for supporting resource consuming applications.
- Fully compatible backports to Linux 2.4 for x86 and ppc32.
- Two new architecture ports, to ARM and Blackfin.
- Significant extension of the POSIX API accessible from user-space (shm, named semaphores, cancellation requests, real-time signals).
- Shared real-time interrupt support.
- Improvement of the Native API.
- Extension of the RTDM support.
- Upgrade of the Adeos support to the latest I-pipe series for all 

And generally speaking, literally tons of fixes, cleanups, optimizations all over the map.

Special thanks to the increasing number of people who contributed code, ideas, review, documentation, help to newcomers.



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