I will volunteer to put together this article. Due to my current work
schedule, I will not be able to do it until the second week of April.
However, this gives some time for those that want to contribute to put
something together and send it to me at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

My concept for the article would be:
1) A high level overview of what is Xenomai.
2) The roadmap for Xenomai and it's enablement of Industrial Grade Linux.
2a) Dispel the myth about the mutual exclusion of Xenomai and rt-preempt
3) Real world examples of Xenomai in use.

In order to do this, I need input from contributors as follows:
1) I need to know the roadmap for Xenomai. I can use Philippe's posting
concerning rt-preempt, but, I need to know more about the vision for
2) I need descriptions of real world users of Xenomai, both commercial and

I also welcome any input on the proposed content of the article.

Christopher Stone
Sombrio Systems Inc.

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> Hi,
> now that 2.1 is out and very likely also very stable, I feel like having
> to bring this topic up again: There should be more announcements of this
> project outside its own circle.
> When reading articles about proprietary real-time Linux variants now
> almost once a week on LinuxDevices, I always think that there should be
> at least once some statement about this powerful alternative. Moreover,
> there are certainly dozens of other forums for ringing the bells.
> We first need some concept what to present, then maybe a long version
> for forums that give us the space and a shorter one for the rest.
> Philippe recently posted interesting statements, comparing the Xenomai
> and the preemp-rt way - certainly good input. Every skin maintainer
> could contribute a paragraph. References to driver projects could be
> given. Short descriptions of ongoing projects would be nice, including
> commercial ones when possible. And so forth...
> Well, I would like to trigger this here, I may contribute a few lines
> from my focus, but I can't take over the overall organisation of the
> final writing. But I think that creating such an overview article here
> on this list could reduce the individual effort and would reflect best
> the strong community behind this project.
> Comments, suggestions, volunteers?
> Jan

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