Philippe Gerum wrote:
 > Niklaus Giger wrote:
 > > What about a vxWorks test suite? I would like to contribute to it.
 > You would be most welcome doing so.
 >   (At least
 > > as soon as I have a working Xenomai environment again.)
 >   And I would be much
 > > more confident to recommend Xenomai if it had test suites for its various 
 > > skins. I hope to be able to make some contributions once I get approval to 
 > > put a few of our internal test routines available under a free license.
 > > 
 > The most useful way to help would be to develop the testsuite for validating 
 > the 
 > recent evolution of the VxWorks skin, which now has a fully native call 
 > interface 
 > from user-space, i.e. it does not need the UVM layer anymore, albeit the 
 > former 
 > way will still be available. Let me know whenever you want to help this way, 
 > so 
 > that we could synchronize, for a better efficiency in fixing the potential 
 > issues.

In the hope that it could complement other contributions, I have
unburied vxworks tests running over Xenomai discrete events
simulator. They are adapted from CarbonKernel vxworks


                                            Gilles Chanteperdrix.

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