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Jan Kiszka wrote:

Philippe Gerum wrote:

Philippe Gerum wrote:

Jan Kiszka wrote:
Fortunately, I had that demo I once produced

(last year), but that one was easier to build. I first had to drag in
the libs and includes of both the simulator and a regular xenomai
installation (I think to remember this once worked without this
add-ons). Then I need this additional trick in the simulators include

mkdir asm
ln -s <xeno-inst-dir>/include/asm-sim asm/xenomai

This maps #include <asm/xenomai/system.h> to the correct "arch".
Shouldn't this be created automatically during the simulator
installation? Or is something else broken on my box?

You clearly should not need this trick to compile apps against the
simulation environment; the instrumenter (gcic) sets the proper flags.
I'm going to rebuild one and let you know.

Confirmed. You don't need this hand-made link.

Err, "confirmed" means that it works for you without the link and the
extra paths for gcic?

Yes (actually, it has always worked for me this way).

The compilation of the simulator runs fine with

latest SVN here, but gcic still does not know any include paths.
Attached is the native skin demo I tried.

gcic explicitely sets -I<install-dir>/include/asm-sim before invoking
the gcc toolchain. Try adding --verbose to see what's passed.

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/src/xeno-sim/demo> ../inst/bin/gcic -c nat-demo.c -o
nat-demo_sim.o --verbose
/usr/src/xeno-sim/inst/libexec/gcic/bin/gcc  -isystem
/usr/src/xeno-sim/inst/libexec/gcic/i686-pc-linux-gnu/include -isystem
-E -B/usr/src/xeno-sim/inst/libexec/gcic/lib/gcc-lib/ -D__GCIC__
 nat-demo.c > /tmp/[EMAIL PROTECTED]
nat-demo.c:22: native/task.h: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden
nat-demo.c:23: native/sem.h: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden
gcic: failed to preprocess nat-demo.c.

I only see the simulator include paths, no link to the xenomai source
base (here: /usr/src/xenomai) or its installation
(/usr/src/xenomai/inst, but I haven't submitted this anyway).

But you don't need any link to the source base, since you should be able to compile simulation stuff against a self-contained install dir. gcic makes sure that you can reach the internal headers (1) and the definitions for the exported API (2), so that #include <some_skin/file.h> works. Normally, you should first build and install the regular Xenomai support in user-space, then build and install the simulator to the same installation directory. E.g. /usr/xenomai should both hold the regular and exported simulation-related files, things have been crafted so that there is no namespace conflict.

To sum up:

mkdir buildtree && cd buildtree
/usr/src/xenomai/configure --prefix=/usr/src/xenomai/inst
make install
mkdir sim && cd sim
/usr/src/xenomai/sim/configure --prefix=/usr/src/xenomai/inst
make install

The simulation support is seen as just another architecture Xenomai provides, except that it is shipped in a separate tarball (xenosim-*.tar) you need to dump to a regular Xenomai source tree (xenomai-*.tar) before building it.



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