Hi Jan and others interested.

I've finally got my driver in a usable condition. It lacks a lot of 
functionalities yet, but it aplies to my needs.

I would like to propose a real-time video interface for using with RTDM.

For making it simple to port Linux applications to Xenomai, I tried to make it 
as close as possible to Video for Linux 2 API. I didn't see any serious 
problem regarding its use on real-time environments in the specification. So, 
the changes I think that would be necessary are:

o Change open/fopen to rtdm_dev_open
o Implement MMAP/MUNMAP as an IOCTL (while it can not be done in a rt-context 
in the mean time, nor should be necessary)
o Implement also as IOCTLs: select and poll (I didn't implement them on my 
driver because I didn't need them, but it should be necessary accordling to 
o Change all timeval structs to uint64_t or some typedef to it for making it 
easier to store the timestamps (we use rtdm_clock_read() instead of 

I can't remember of another issue now. I think these changes would be enough.

Any ideas?


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