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> ... 
> A way to pull the brake when some interrupt channel goes wild is to 
> activate Xenomai's NMI watchdog, which is never pipelined on any Adeos 
> implementation.

Where can I find more information about this feature?

> This requires an APIC to be available on your x86 CPU 
> though.

I need to verify that on college. My PC is a P4 1.7Ghz, Intel motherboard I 

> ... 
> Having a reusable template would already be nice, and likely appreciated 
> by the RTDM people too, since that's precious on hand information.

Ok, I'll probably do that after finishing my master thesis, probably after 
June. Or if I got
permission from Data Translation until there I could send the code as it is... 
:) But as I'm not
counting on this, we'll have to wait until I have time to reorganize the code 
and remove the
specific Data Translation code...

Thanks for the explanations,


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