Jeroen Van den Keybus wrote:
>> Revision 466 contains the mutex-info fix, but that is post -rc2. Why not
>> switching to SVN head?
> Philippe asked to apply the patch against Xenomai 2.1-rc2. Can I safely
> patch it against the SVN tree ? After that, what will 'svn up' do to the
> patched tree ?

The CONFIG_PREEMPT fix is already contained in the latest SVN revision,
no need to patch anymore.

When unsure if a patch will cleanly apply, try "patch --dry-run" first.
(Virtually) rejected hunks can then be used to asses if the patch fits -
without messing up the code base immediately.

> Remember I'm quite new to Linux. Actually, I spent half an hour finding out
> how that patch stuff (especially the -p option) works.

:) (it's no problem to ask even these kind of "stupid" questions to the
list or us directly - no one will bite you!)


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