Anders Blomdell wrote:
> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>>> ...
>>> What about other time sources on x86? Which systems already have HPET
>>> these days, and does this source not suffer from frequency scaling? I
>>> once read that HPET is quite easy to program, is this true? IOW, would
>>> it be worth considering to add this to the HAL?
>> There are actually only few registers:
>> Even a replacement for the TSC is available ("Main Counter"), but I
>> guess that some effort will be required to replace all direct usages of
>> rdtsc in the current Xenomai code, right?
> And unfortunately they aren't guaranteed to survive S3 sleep, which
> laptops spend a lot of time in (around 50% when doing coantrol at 100 Hz).

Great. Someone should go out and choke a few hardware developers again
for being that short-sighted. So the PM timer is the most robust one,
just a bit slow.


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