Dmitry Adamushko wrote:


this is the final set of patches against the SVN trunk of 2006-02-03.

It addresses mostly remarks concerning naming (XN_ISR_ISA -> XN_ISR_EDGE), a few cleanups and updated comments.

Functionally, the support for shared interrupts (a few flags) to the rtdm (Jan's patch) and native skin. In the later case, rt_intr_create() now contains the 6-th argument, namely "int mode".

Now I'm waiting for the test results from Jan (the previous patch-set remains to be suitable for testing too in case you are using it already). Upon success, the new code is ready for merging.

the patches have to be applied as follows :
- shirq-base
- shirq-v8
- shirq-proc
- shirq-edge
- shirq-ext

Happy testing ! :)

My concern is code size. I see that the patches add substantial amount of code to the ISR. What about make this feature configurable?


Best regards,
Dmitry Adamushko


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