So new that the paint is still wet, here is the first candidate release of the upcoming 2.1 series. The major changes since v2.0.x are as follows:

* New build system which allows to compile Xenomai statically into the kernel image, and ensures proper decoupling between kernel and user-space supports.
* SMP support for ppc64 and tree refactoring toward 2.6.15/powerpc.
* Backport to Linux 2.4 for x86 and ppc32.
* Port to the Blackfin architecture (

and a number of updates to the nucleus, rtdm, the native and POSIX APIs. As usual, see the ChangeLog for details.

Since we have a few major updates still cooking outside of the main tree which are planned for inclusion in 2.1 final, this is not a feature freeze, yet.

Also note that starting with the v2.1 series, the simulator is available as a separate tarball.

Best wishes to all for this New Year.



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