Jan Kiszka wrote:

the current RTDM profile headers (so far only rtserial.h and
rtbenchmark.h) suffer from the "xenomai" prefix in the include path.
This was introduced with 2.1. An example: rtserial.h contains "#include
<xenomai/rtdm/rtdm.h>" which is fine in kernel space but requires that -
in my eyes - ugly "xenomai"->"." link in the installation include dir.
Moreover, it makes the RTDM profile headers Xenomai-specific (what they
are not).

The orginal (but nowhere stated - yeah) idea was to always have a
"rtdm/" dir in the include path whenever writing a RTDM driver or
application for some supported environment. So I would rather like to
see the Makefiles for Xenomai's RTDM drivers fixed in this regard,
simply by adding

EXTRA_CFLAGS += -Iinclude/xenomai

This would allow to use the generic "#include <rtdm/rtdm.h>" in the
profile headers again. Tweaking the Makefiles instead of the headers is
also the way we handled this for drivers outside Xenomai (RTnet,
rt_sja1000, ...).


None, provided we always keep on preventing naming conflicts. Prefixing with rtdm/ or xenomai/ does the job equally well.


PS: A cleanup of the RTDM userspace header installation is scheduled -
only rtdm.h + the profile header will survive this.



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