Jan Kiszka wrote:
Hi Philippe,

my RTDM header "optimisation" broke the compilation of
testsuite/latency. I need an extra link for the userspace compilation
inside xeno now. Please apply this patch

--- configure.in        (Revision 372)
+++ configure.in        (Arbeitskopie)
@@ -348,6 +348,8 @@


and run bootstrap. Sorry.

But this raised the question to me again if we really need the "xenomai"
prefix for all the skin headers /from within xenomai/. Why not doing the
same linking dance for the other skins as well? Or do you also prefer
that user include <xenomai/native/task.h> instead of just <native/task.h>?

We need this for building from within the kernel. Other options would require to either alter the Xenomai source tree adding symlinks there, pollute linux/include with symlinks to reach the individual Xeno components, or refer to some external tree that eventually redirects to the Xenomai tree, which is not acceptable in any case.



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