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Dmitry Adamushko wrote:
> err... I have to orginize some issues next few days so I'll be out of my
> notebook. Then I'll finilize the ipipe-irq-related patch so to be ready
> for the .01 version.

Meanwhile, I have finished merging the shared IRQ infrastructure into
the Adeos codebase for all supported archs. The Xenomai trunk/ has been
upgraded accordingly too.

Thanks and sorry for aditionally taking your time on some work I shoud have completed on my own.
Actually this infrastructure is by no means a _must_ for introducing the shared irq feature on the nucleus layer.

I doubt that we may gain any noticeable benefits, latency-wise, having got the one-layer-less irq processing chain. Just hope there is no regression.

So, my hope is rather that the new interface has become a bit more clear and usefull, e.g. there is no need to implement any other per-irq tables to introduce the "cookie" concept no matter where it has to be used (even directly at the adeos layer).

x86-wise, please make sure to rebase your
development on 1.1-02 .




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Dmitry Adamushko

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