First things first: I am using version Xenomai 2.0.1 on a recompiled
Ubuntu kernel version

I am confused by rt_pipe_create(), specifically, the "minor"
parameter.  The writeup at
says that:

  Passing P_MINOR_AUTO causes the minor number to be
  auto-allocated. In such a case, the name parameter must be valid so
  that user-space processes may subsequently follow the symbolic link
  that will be automatically created from
  /proc/xenomai/registry/pipes/name to the allocated pipe device entry
  (i.e. /dev/rtp*).

Sounds great, but it doesn't seem true.  <mope>  

So I have to manage minor usage be hand until P_MINOR_AUTO is
implemented, or did I miss something?


-kb, the Kent who hasn't had a chance to try the 2.6.15 kernel he
started playing with last week.

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