I tested Philipp's fix "Allow creating anon user-space tasks" [1][2]
with Xenomai 2.1-RC2/2.6.15/x86 (2.0.3 should behave the same).

anon rt_task_shadow:
2.0.1: worked
2.1-RC2: works, but only once (EEXIST)

anon rt_task_spawn:
2.0.1: failed with ESRCH (-3)
2.1-RC2: works, but only once (EEXIST)

A small program only calling rt_task_shadow with NULL-name fails if i start it 
a second time. Error EEXIST (-17). Same for a program calling only 
rt_task_spawn with NULL-name.

There is nothing under /proc/xenomai/registry/*

Apropos registry:
In the trunk there is no file src/native/registry.c anymore. I do not really 
miss it, but the API documentation still says these calls can be made from 
user-space. Should I create a patch to update the docs? Or should it be 

thank you

[1] http://svn.gna.org/viewcvs/xenomai?rev=405&view=rev
[2] http://svn.gna.org/viewcvs/xenomai?rev=406&view=rev

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