Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>  > Hi Gilles,
>  > 
>  > I just tested your new build option. Maybe I'm using it the wrong way,
>  > but I stumbled over two quirks:
>  > 
>  >  o "make install-nodev" fails as it tries to install the kernel without
>  >    being root. Actually, I only wanted to install the user space part,
>  >    how can I do this separately? Or is this rather a use-case for the
>  >    standard build?
> I did not think about this case. Any idea of what would be better ? Not
> installing kernel when running "make install-nodev" ? Creating 
> install-nokernel and install-nokernel-nodev targets ?

I would suggest "make install-user" instead of "make install-nodev",
combining both -nodev and -nokernel, i.e. excluding everything that
requires root permissions.

>  > 
>  >  o On every "make", the prepare-kernel script is executed -
>  >    intentionally? Maybe it would be better to provide a dedicated make
>  >    target to trigger the update.
> prepare-kernel should be executed whenever any file or directory is
> added in the ksrc and include dirs. On my own machine, prepare-kernel is
> much shorter than the kernel build. So, I did not see this as an issue,
> but I am ready to accept any better solution. Maybe it could depend on
> maintainer mode ? Since the user-space will work automatically when
> adding a file or directory only if maintainer mode is enabled.

Yes, this looks good - as long as it is still run on the first make or
during configure.

The point is that I have a non-developer use-case for your build mode in
mind were you do not constantly add files to the xeno code base, but
reconfigure your kernel from time to time: We have mini distribution
here which can optionally be build from source. In that case, you could
soon decide to build
 ( ) Vanilla kernel
 (*) Xenomai-extended kernel and libraries
instead of
 ( ) Vanilla kernel
 (*) Xenomai-extended kernel
   [*] Xenomai libraries
(not to speak about what currently happens in the background...)

Could make life of the maintainer and users here a bit easier.

Thanks for caring,

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