Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:
 > Therefore we need a dedicated function to re-enable interrupts in the 
 > ISR. We could name it *_end_irq, but maybe *_enable_isr_irq is more 
 > obvious. On non-PPC archs it would translate to *_irq_enable. I 
 > realized, that *_irq_enable is used in various place/skins and therefore 
 > I have not yet provided a patch.

The function xnarch_irq_enable seems to be called in only two functions,
xintr_enable and xnintr_irq_handler when the flag XN_ISR_ENABLE is set.

In any case, since I am not sure if this has to be done at the Adeos
level or in Xenomai, we will wait for Philippe to come back and decide.


                                            Gilles Chanteperdrix.

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