ROSSIER Daniel wrote:
> Dear Xenomai workers,
> Would it be possible to have an updated API documentation for Xenomai
> 2.0.x ? (I mean with formal parameters in function prototypes)
> I tried to regenerate it with make generate-doc, but it seems that a
> SVN working dir is required.
> It would be great.

I just had a "quick" look at the status of the documentation in
SVN-trunk (2.1). Unfortunately, doxygen is a terrible tool (to express
it politely) when it comes to tracking down bugs in your formatting.
Something is broken in all modules except RTDM, and although I spent *a
lot* of time in getting RTDM correctly formatted, I cannot tell what's
wrong with the rest. This will require some looooong evenings of
continuous patching the docs, recompiling, and checking the result. Any
volunteers - I'm lacking the time? :-/


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