Hi all,

we ran into some issue where we have to wait on the termination of a
native real-time userspace thread during cleanup. This can be done in a
custom way of course, either via some polling on a flag or by blocking
on a standard posix semaphore that are signalled by the terminating
real-time thread. But maybe it is more useful to have a generic function
available with the native skin.

The problem is now that the pthreads underneath the real-time threads
are created with PTHREAD_CREATE_DETACHED. Changing this also changes the
semantic of other rt_task_xxx functions as posix then requires the
creator to call pthread_join (i.e. a new rt_task_join) in any case. A
better option might be to introduce a new mode bit T_JOINABLE to decide
if the related pthread should be created detached or not. Default would
remain PTHREAD_CREATE_DETACHED, if rt_task_join is to be used,
T_JOINABLE could be passed to rt_task_create.

What do you think, worth the effort?


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