Jan Kiszka wrote:
Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:

Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Hi,
> > this tiny patch exports the NMI watchdog's threshold as module parameter
> "debug_maxlat" of xeno_hal. This means that one can either override the
> value via a kernel parameter or in sysfs/modules/xeno_hal/parameters
> (before activating the hal).

rthal_maxlat_tsc should be updated when rthal_maxlat_us_arg changes.

I didn't digged that deep, is this possible during runtime? My current
workflow looks like this: unload xeno_nucleus (and higher modules),
change maxlat, reload the modules.

Mmh, I guess one has to register some update handler with sysfs in that
case. Any hint where to look for a pattern?

Please don't depend on sysfs for generic features since they would not be available on 2.4.



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