Romain Lenglet wrote:
- A kernel option that causes Xenomai (or Adeos) to blatantly
malfunction or even crash is a freaking BUG, and should be
reported asap to the Xenomai-core list or the Adeos-main list.
IOW, there is no such thing as options allowed to crash your
box with Adeos/Xenomai because of some "don't care attitude";
would such bug happen, it must and will be fixed. All the
people involved in contributing to both projects try to make
sure that any option could be enabled without risking terminal
damage to anyone's setup. The worst thing that should be
allowed to happen is high latency spots, because some options
might cause some hardware to interact badly with critical
resources Adeos/Xenomai also happen manage.

Here is a kernel-option-related bug.
I am using a stock Debian-patched kernel with the standard Debian kernel config, on Pentium M and Pentium 4 machines, + the latest Adeos patch. The Debian kernel configuration file, that has every option enabled and everything as modules, works fine with Xenomai except for one single option which must be disabled:
This option messes with the oneshot timer (timer freezes).
(thanks to Gilles to have found this out)

Could you confirm that this issue still happens with adeos-ipipe-2.6.13-1.0-05
or higher?

Otherwise, my biggest source of problems is IRQ sharing between realtime and non-realtime drivers: this predictably provokes kernel panics. But Jan seems to be working on it.

Yes, this is another issue, more of a shortcoming of the current IRQ handling scheme than a bug.



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