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>is the Xenomai logo on Bruno's site now the one going to be official? No
>objections from my side (as I said: I like it), just to avoid confusions.

What is the link to Bruno's site (and logo) ?

The URL is : http://snail.fsffrance.org/www.xenomai.org/index.php

It should be reachable directly via http://www.xenomai.org but I still have some problems with Apache configuration for setting up clean URL in order to replace "http://snail.fsffrance.org/www.xenomai.org/" by "http://www.xenomai.org".

As far as the logo is concerned, I should be able to provide the project with a vector type image in order for anyone to reuse it in documents or slides.

Finally, it has been reported a problem with the search engine in the API documentation. As Gilles wrote me, it is probably due to a lack of php support on the gna platform. We are going to work on that and probably transfer the whole doc stuff on the same server as the web site. This should be done soon...

Don't hesitate if you have any comments or suggestions about any of these subjects.


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