Hi Dmitry,

first of all and before I answer each one of your points, you have to know that I used for the website a CMS called Joomla. The template has been found on Internet  in order to save time on webdesign which requires real design skills. My goal was to set up a, let's say, enough good looking website as soon as possible.

That said, CMS have their advantages as well as drawbacks in the sense that they are not always very easy to customize. Of course it is just PHP combined with HTML but it takes time to tune everything because web technologies suck :) You change one little thing here and the whole layout of the page is messed up (and I don't even talk about the different versions of browsers !)

So let's examine the points now :

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Hi Bruno,

I have a few remarks on the new web-site :)

- lots of blank space at the bottom/left/right side of the page (width is
about 3 cm. approx.) err.. is it really necessary (functionality or
design-wise)? ok, it's difficult to argue on the design side since it's,
well, very subjective :)

On the left: it depends on the length of the header of the article, sorry but can't do anything about that beside resizing the whole table. Is it really disturbing ?
On the right side, it is normal because this area is reserved for adding logos, special ads etc. It is not used at the moment.
All in one: yes you may be right and I guess I could get rid of this area and resize then the whole thing to avoid blank areas.

- "Main menu" is not that easily accessable. e.g. I need to scroll the page a
bit down in order to get access to the login form or even (when my mozilla
has a "personal toolbar" switched on) - to the "Development Source Code"

Don't really understant that one ! I use a laptop with 15in screen and don't have this problem. What screen size and resolution do you use ? As far as I am concerned, the whole website is visible on an entire page.

- default font is too small and a bit faded (grey on white background or white
on gray one)

I used  the template as it is (I didn't change the CSS). I trust webdesigners for that and I'm not sure black fonts would look any better. I can try though.

- Opera and Mozilla show some news/topic headers adjusted differently.
Actually, everything is left-adjusted with Mozilla and some parts are
centered with Opera, e.g. it may look like:

Xenomai v2.0.1
Written by Administrator
                                                Sunday, 13 November 2005

Ok, it's not that important and likely easily fixable.

I didn't try the website on all browsers. I will have a look at this particular point. 

- the picture of sky with "Real-Time framework for Linux" and "NewsFlash" box
take too much space (almost a whole bottom half of the page). I would not say
that part is so informative and so "deserves" that amount of space.

Again, the template has been designed by professionals,  some people may like it others don't ;) The most important thing is that the load time has to be short. As far as the size is concerned, I don't want to change it at the moment since the banner will for sure be redesigned in the near future (just need the idea for that). I guess we can make it a bit smaller then.

that's what I have in my mind at the moment :o)

Thanks for the remarks.


Best regards,

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