Sebastian Smolorz wrote:
> Hello list,
> as a result of a student research project of mine (kind of bachelor
> thesis), here is a CAN device profile for RTDM including a driver for the
> SJA1000-based eNET PHYTEC card. See RT-Add-On-Repository at the University
> of Hannover:

To add a further note to this announcement:

It is planned to extend, or better: break up this driver into a generic
protocol part (socket setup/cleanup, transmission management, demux on
reception, etc.), a controller-specific part, and a eNET-specific
fragment (register addressing). The controller-specific part would be
first for SJA1000, of course. Further controllers could then be added
later. Thus, we aim at a real-time CAN framework which will be open for
a (hopefully) broad hardware support - based on this socket model!

There is nothing like a fixed schedule so far, but I would suggest Q2
2006 as a rather pessimistic goal for the integration of such a
framework into the Xenomai code base. As usual: any active contribution
could significantly speed up such a development! Actually, not so much
work remains, it just has to be a clean break-up and adjustment. And we
need intensive testing...

Have a nice weekend,

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