Hi Philippe,

I'm afraid this one is serious: let the attached migration stress test
run on likely any Xenomai since 2.0, preferably with
CONFIG_XENO_OPT_DEBUG on. Will give a nice crash sooner or later (I'm
trying to set up a serial console now). To be more precisely:

Setup 1:
    xeno 2.0, kernel, ipipe-1.0-09
    on Thinkpad R40

Setup 2:
    xeno svn-trunk, kernel, ipipe-1.0-11
    on Thinkpad R40 & P-III embedded PC

I have no clue yet what happens, I just nailed various strange
behaviours and latencies down to this issue.



PS: I suggest including this test for future regression checks into the
upcoming(?) testsuite.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <sys/mman.h>
#include <semaphore.h>

#include <native/task.h>
#include <native/sem.h>

sem_t sem;

static void simple_thread(void *arg)

int main (int ac, char **av)
    RT_TASK task;
    int     ret;

    mlockall(MCL_CURRENT | MCL_FUTURE);

    sem_init(&sem, 0, 0);

    while (1) {
        ret = rt_task_create(&task, "migration", 0, 1, 0);
        if (ret != 0)
            printf("(%s) error creating task: %d\n", __FUNCTION__, ret);

        ret = rt_task_start(&task, &simple_thread, NULL);
        if (ret != 0)
            printf("(%s) error starting task: %d\n", __FUNCTION__, ret);



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