Jan Kiszka wrote:
Philippe Gerum wrote:

Jan Kiszka wrote:

Hi all,

as the subject already says: I face some warning of the nucleus (with
XENO_OPT_DEBUG on - useful switch) when I call xnpod_delete_thread for a
thread which has already terminated itself by leaving the thread
function. Is this double-deletion illegal? Or is it a cleanup-bug of the

We could test the XNZOMBIE bit in xnpod_delete_thread() to prevent this,
I guess.

Would be better, I think.

Ok, fixed.

 Otherwise, at least xnpod_delete_thread and
also rtdm_task_destroy would require a clear warning sign.

I was not aware of this restriction, so I did not worked around it in
RTnet - which is easy at RTDM level BTW: task wakeup for
self-termination + rtdm_task_join_nrt. This is cleaner anyway, so I will
patch RTnet now.




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