I have got a message from a collegue of mine who asked "what has
happened with Fusion, all the information disappered from the
rtai.org". I'm not sure whether he's reading the rtai mailing list and
anyway, Philippe, the subject of the message was not that informative,
probably should have been something like "Fusion is out of rtai" :)
I don't know whether it could be a good idea to ask Paolo and DIAPM,
but again, IMHO it could be better if they would be agreed on keeping
some "redirecting" information about ex-fusion for some time or, at
least, some a proper mentioning in the news area. What's your opinion?

Anyway, when the site is completed, I guess it will be a right moment
to announce the project all over the map, starting from the lkml, etc.

Best regards,
Dmitry Adamushko

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