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Heikki Lindholm wrote:
 > Gilles Chanteperdrix kirjoitti:
 > > Heikki Lindholm wrote:
 > >  > Gilles Chanteperdrix kirjoitti:
> > > Indeed. But this is the special attention I'm talking about ;) I'm still > > > not convinced about the "need 'em for the release" reasoning. Let's put > > > it this way: what trouble would it bring, if we had "dist" always > > > generate docs for a release (and not have them in the repo)? > > > > Allows to share the load during releases: I generate the doc, using the
 > > "generate-doc" target in the doc directory, run svn commit to put them
 > > in the repository. Then Philippe runs svn update and make dist. As I
 > > said, it allows to have a separate maintenance of documentation and
 > > sources.
> > Hehe. So Philippe's machine would choke, if it had to generate the docs, > too(?) And since most(?) of the docs comes from the sources, you don't > actually edit them by hand now do you? So what does maintaining mean here?

It means looking at the doc, if there are no anomalies, like warnings,
parsing errors of doxygen, or typos in the text. Usually takes an hour
or two. I admit I am not fast, but I think it would take some time for
Philippe to do that too.

Okay. Although, I would be stupid enough to trust that if it generates nicely for you it does so for Philippe, too, and not take the usual metaphysical factors into account. Assuming that some coordination is done to ensure that similar configurations are used - not too hard if both use the same distro, for example.

-- hl

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