Heikki Lindholm wrote:
Gilles Chanteperdrix kirjoitti:

> > Having the generated documentation in svn repository also allows us to
 > > copy it to the documentation directory of the download zone from a
 > > script run by cron.
> > Ok, this makes sense. But could be done by other means, too, I guess.

Automatically ? It could result in broken documentation on the web site,
which is not quite user-friendly.

Well, there are always other means. I don't know doxygen specifics, so I'll just shut up here. When the generated docs grow to some few hundreds of megs, maybe I'll raise this point again.

Now that you answered publically to a discussion you started privately,
I guess our readers will not understand anything :-)

That'll be true. Or rather, I answered publicly/privately in random fashion --- there are just too many buttons on a mail client for my intellect.

Yeah, same for me. For this reason, I'm sticking a lot of post-it full of reminders about how to use all these devilish interfaces on my screen; problem now is that I can't see clearly what's displayed on the latter anymore. No wonder why we are going to need a huge number of Xenomai releases in the future... :o>



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