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Heikki Lindholm wrote:

Probably, but there are less than awesome 4xx boards around and I'd guess they might even be more likely targets than G4 based machines,

example. Some tuning might be needed.

How many people are using Xenomai (or Fusion) on 4xx ?
What are their typical sched latency ?

Attached is the result of some latency measurements on the Ocotea eval
board. The AMCC 440 GX is already a fast 4xx processor. Unfortunately,
the linuxppc-2.6.10rc3 does not run on our Ebony board. Nevertheless,
it's difficult to provide a resonable default value. Why not simply
using 0 and it's then up to the user to provide an appropriate value
at configuration time?

0? No machine is that fast. For the 32-bit ppc it might be harder to provide a reasonable default, because of the broader scale of hardware, but I'd guess that < 100MHz targets prefer to use a dedicated RTOS instead of Xenomai. For the 64-bit targets, I didn't find slower than 400 MHz machines and they were iSeries, which, I suppose, also aren't prime target for Xenomai. Regardless of what default value is used, there could be some examples provided by the config help to direct user to the right direction.

What's the problem with Ebonys? I remember running at least 2.6.9 on Ebonys (440GP) and Walnuts (405).

-- Heikki Lindholm

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