Heikki Lindholm wrote:
 > Gilles Chanteperdrix kirjoitti:
 > > Hi,
 > > 
 > > GNA offers a bug tracking system which is undoubtely a useful tool
 > > for lots of projects. What about using it for the Xenomai project ?
 > I'm not stronly opposing, but in my opinion it causes information to 
 > scatter in contrast to the ml. There'll be bug reports on the ml 
 > regardless of having or not having a bug tracking system in
 > function. 

I do not see it as a substitute for the mailing list. Of course there
would still be posts on the mailing list, but it provides a standardized
answer to bug reports on the mailing lists; instead of answering "please
send me your .xeno_config, your .config, a small example exhibiting the
behaviour that you think is bad, please look at the mailing list
archives, do you have the bug with the latest revision  ?" over and over
again, we would answer "please read instructions at http://.... and fill
a bug report". The bug data get naturally attached to it in the
tracker. Another reason to track bugs is simply, well, to avoid
forgetting them.

 > It's more difficult to follow/search two places than one. 

If for every real bug reported on the mailing list, there is a entry on
the tracker ; there is only one place to search : the tracker, because
it is a database, and much easier to search than mailing list
archives, provided of course we add the important fields to the
submission form.

 > And this project isn't the size of openoffice or debian, so maybe the
 > ml doesn't get cluttered by incoming bug reports. 

Bug reports and FAQs do represent the vast majority of RTAI user mailing
list traffic for example. Answering these is time consuming, so since
our ressources are limited, any "productivity tool" is a good idea. If
the bug tracker turns out to be time consuming, we will stop using
it, but how do we know if we do not try ?

 > And finally, many bug reports already contain a reasonable fix and
 > their tracking summarizes to "Applied." There are benefits, too, of
 > course, like forcing a good format for a report.

My perception is that bug reports on the mailing list almost never
contain a fix, and even worse, people naturally tend to avoid giving you
all the elements that would allow to solve the bug, so you have to ask
the same questions over and over again. 


                                            Gilles Chanteperdrix.

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