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Heikki Lindholm wrote:
> There's the "if". What I've seen on sourceforge is that often times bugs > that are reported on the ml don't appear in the tracker and vice versa, > although the tracker can probably be configured to forward reports to > ml, or? Who will type the ml-only reports to the tracker? Btw. would you > only allow developers to file bugs into the tracker?

I would use it as a one line answer to bug reports on the mailing
list... I would prefer users to always post on the mailing list first,
and if it looks like a real bug, a developer would ask the user to fill
a bug report.

That might work. As a case study of something to avoid: I know at least three persistent bugs in the firefox browser I'm using and I thought about reporting them, ending up in
which in turn leads to many worksome steps and eventually to
Blech! It seems easier to write a firefox from ground up than giving them a bug report --- and thus my observations stay unreported. Moral of the story: keep it simple!

-- Heikki Lindholm

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