smannori wrote:
> Hi everybody:
> I think that this fork is a very good opportunity to "start with the right
> foot". I believe also that a document like
> but with Fusion/Xenomai it would be a very good starting point for a
> relatively inexperienced user. What I do until now:
> - I dowloaded, adeos-patched, configured & compiled kernel - I
> downloaded, configured, installed fusion 0.9.1
> - I run sucessfull all the [testsuite] examples
> - I dowloaded all the pdf
> Now the questions:

Sorry to defer your questions at this point, but we are trying to
establish some separation between this list (xenomai-core) and the
prefered support list (xenomai-help). People subscribed here (me
included) will be happy to help you if you re-post your question on

The reason for the separation is that plans exist to collect
questions&answers on xenomai-help and make them available as a FAQ. This
is much easier if the list does not contain a mix of core design and
implementation topics together with the relevant user questions.

> 1) it is important dowload and install fusion OR xenomai ?
> 2) why the xenomai files are so old (2002) ?
> 3) I think that a very important PDF file - already present in the past in
> - is missed: the Fusion tutorial with examples.
> 4) where I can find some Fusion/Xenomai examples, complete of instruction to
> compile and link to create standalone applications ?
> 5) how is it possible to use Comedi driver ?
> 6) how port xrtailab under Xenomai/Fusion ?
> 7) it is possible use USB device (eg. camera) realtime ?
> Thanks in advance for your help
>                                Simone Mannori

TIA for your cooperation,


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