Paul wrote:
 > Hi Philippe
 > On Thursday 13 October 2005 09:24, Philippe Gerum wrote:
 > > - Regular automated benchmarking: What is Xenomai currently capable of, how
 > > stable is it, do we progress or regress over time and releases, arch by
 > > arch?
 > Have a couple of x86 development boxes running 24/7 - Could set one up as a 
 > compile farm for running automated builds. Also have a PowerPC thin client 
 > that I would like to utilise, but could really do with some help in setting 
 > up the tools for cross-compiling the base system under Debian.

Actually, there are ready made debian cross toolchain packages at 

 > Gilles already has a tarball of the Debian rules I used for packaging 
 > fusion. 
 > With minor changes, these could be used for a Xenomai package. One 
 > possibility is to use the rules and the compile farm to produce "ready to 
 > run" kernel/Xenomai Debian packages.

Well, quite frankly, I do not know much about the debian packages
creation process, in any case not enough to do the work which remains
to be done. The best I can do is add the debian directory to the svn
repository, letting volunteers work on it and submit patches...


                                            Gilles Chanteperdrix.

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