Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:
On 10/15/2005 09:17 PM Heikki Lindholm wrote:

Wolfgang Grandegger kirjoitti:

Hello Philippe,

I got Xenomai working on a Ocotea-Board (AMCC 440GX) and a low-end
TQM855L-Module (MPC 855) under Linux 2.6.14-rc3 :-). The patch applied
with a few hunks and one easy to fix reject and I had to correct two
problems. One with FEW_CONTEXT (see attached patch) and the second with
"#include <asm/offsets.h>" in "xenomai/arch/ppc/hal/switch.S". The
include file does not exist (any more) in the kernel tree and therefore
I commented out the line. I'm going to perform latency tests on various
4xx and 8xx boards next week. Here are some preliminary figures of the
TQM855L-Module (CPU 80 MHz, Bus 40 MHz, 4 kB I-Cache 4 kB D-Cache):

If you happen to know some (semi-)comparable figures for the same boards using some commercial RTOS, it would be nice to know them also, for comparison.

Well, we only deal with "free" software. But I can compare the result
from the klatency test with the one from RTAI/RTHAL under Linux 2.4, of

This would be a good starting point.



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