Romain Lenglet wrote:
 > > if you see an error, please provide a proper patch.
 > Here is a patch that includes the correction of 
 > and the manpage. If someone wants to add it to the patch tracker 
 > on the Gna! project page, please do it.
 > > I cannot see the error youve 'corrected' below..
 > You will see in the patch. ;)
 > The usage mentionned --module-cxxflags and --kernel-cxxflags that 
 > are not allowed, and the actual set of accepted options is 
 > larger than previously displayed in the usage.
 > > In fact, youve added one;  -v doesnt work,  --v does.
 > Thanks, corrected in this patch.

Thanks a lot, will apply. I would move the man directory under the doc
directory though.

 > If someone applies the patch to the repository, it will be 
 > necessary to run autoreconf once (to regenerate configure and 
 > man/ It does not work on my system, apparently 
 > because my versions of automake and autoconf are too recent, and 
 > some rule files seem to not be included in the repository.

The necessary versions of the autotools are the one in Debian Sarge, and
their version is given in README.INSTALL:
o autoconf 2.59
o automake 1.9.5
o aclocal 1.9.5
o libtool 1.5.6

If you want to regenerate the autotools files, you may enable the
"maintainer mode" in Xenomai configuration or run 
script/bootstrap (you have to run it under the sim directory too).

autoreconf does not work because it greps the flags to be passed to
aclocal by looking for the ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS variable definition in the
top Makefile, but there is no top Makefile in Xenomai, only a top
GNUmakefile. I tracked down this issue and changed my autoreconf
script a long time ago but am using the bootstrap script now... Automake
maintainer mode, on the other hand, works fine with makefiles called


                                            Gilles Chanteperdrix.

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