Fillod Stephane wrote:
Hi Philippe,

Sorry for the late report, Xenomai appears to work fine on a Freescale
board (MPC8541E) under Linux 2.6.13. Xenomai version was v1.9.9, ie. the
snapshot as of today. Here are some preliminary figures (CPU 800MHz, Bus
133MHz, 32 kiB I-Cache 32 kiB D-Cache, 256 kiB L2):

switch $ ./run
== Sampling period: 100 us
RTH|     lat min|     lat avg|     lat max|        lost
RTD|        3660|        3690|        8070|           0

kaltency $ ./run
RTH|----klat min|----klat avg|----klat max| overrun|
RTS|       -7350|       -5715|        6420|       0|

latency $ ./run
== Sampling period: 100 us
RTT|  00:08:04
RTH|-----lat min|-----lat avg|-----lat max|-overrun|
RTS|       -6930|       -4260|        8700|       0|

Great you tested that, thanks. The calibration looks a bit pessimistic, so I guess that a narrowed one would leave us with something in the 10-12 us range worst-case in user-space, which would still be quite decent.

Load for klatency/latency was ping flooding on FCC (piece of cake),
and cache calibrator. IMHO, we can do nastier.

Mixed LTP stuff and dd loops are quite good punishers AFAICS here.



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