Steven Seeger wrote:
I use remote debug with fusion/2.6.13, but I am using fusion from svn.

Also, there are bugs. One I have found recently is that if a task is created
with T_SUSP and then you start stepping through the code, the task seems to
start up on its own somehow. Weird.

Last time you reported that you actually mentioned the rt_task_spawn() service, which is designed to start the task immediately. Reading about the T_SUSP bit now seems to mean that you are not using rt_task_spawn() anymore, but that the problem indeed appears. Could you be more specific about the code in question?

Older verisons of fusion had issues with not every task in the application
halting on breakpoint.

Strange indeed, since there is no reason for the exception triggered by any breakpoint to behave in a context-dependent manner, I mean on a task-by-task basis. Do you remember the first version that seemed to solve the issue?

On 10/18/05 8:10 AM, "Marco Cavallini" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I wonder if someone has been able to perform a remote debug with
I have problems debugging fusion-0.9.1 programs with kernel- and
Fedora Core 2

When i run GDB chain and step into rt_task_create(...), GDB prompts "[1]+
Stopped         gdb chain" and
terminates. I can
call "gdbserver ipnum:port chain". then connect to it from a remote machine
using gdb and "target remote..."

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