>  > A simpler solution would be to ship a xenomai.m4 to be used
>  > as a acinclude.m4 in every project using Xenomai. But I
>  > have had very bad experiences with aclocal in that use
>  > case. aclocal is quite buggy. And it would be more
>  > confortable for projects it is were immediately available
>  > after installing Xenomai.
> Yes, this was the original plan, but there are still many
> things on our todo list before that.

I found a better solution, that could be a replacement for both a 
xenomai.m4 trick, and the xeno-config script: pkg-config.
There are packages for pkgconfig in both Debian and RedHat, 
AFAIK, and surely for all other distribs.

I will look into making a xenomai.pc file.

> DESTDIR is used by xeno-config the same way it is used by
> Makefiles. When you compiled Xenomai for a target and
> installed it with DESTDIR=/home/romain/target, you have to set
> DESTDIR in xeno-config environment  so that it outputs
> -I/home/romain/target/usr/realtime/include and
> -L/home/romain/target/usr/realtimeLib.
> Since it is a rather obscure functionality, it probably
> deserves an explanation.

Ok, done. Please apply patches #472 and #474:

Romain Lenglet

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