Dmitry Adamushko wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> a notification [1] has been posted today on the RTAI mailing list concerning 
> the RTLWS 2005 agenda [2].
> So who is going to attend that workshop? Could someone share his/her 

Me, likely. Yuchen Zhang (RT-Firewire) is also almost persuaded.

> impression of ones that took place in recent years?

I've been to the RTLWS 2003 in Valencia, and it was great. A lot of
interesting discussions with the inner circle, also from the "other
side" ;) (RTLinux/GPL), and with users. And it was a nice place to stay,
of course.

> Well, for me at least it could be a reason to make a trip to France :)

I would be happy to meet another Xenomai face in real there :).
Actually, I can only come around on Friday, maybe already late Thursday
evening (depends on the traffic...). The main reason for me to do this
trip anyway is meeting new people. So, let's get together!


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