On Friday 21 October 2005 19:35, Philippe Gerum wrote:
> Actually, there is a more general problem with the current coding style
> used throughout the code base: it's mine, it's not that standard,

then what's standard in this case?

> and now 
> thatmore people are contributing to it, I'm pondering whether we should
> just adoptthe conventional kernel coding style, without the ludicrous
> 8-space tabs, that is.

The "kernel coding style" is just yet another codding style. If more people 
are contributing to the project, then it should be a standard that satisfies 
the most part of them. Is it necessarily the linux way?
As I told you once, the important thing is how easily the code may be read, 
hence, understood. IMHO, how/where the braces, etc. are placed is not the 
matter of the first instance.
The use of any codding style doesn't result in neat and well-readable code 

Nevertheless, if the ideas are as follows:

1) linux codding style as a part of the seamless integration with the linux 
kernel. err.., what about a possibility to be merged with the mainline 
kernel? ok, sounds almost impossible :) ;

2) linux people are reading/will read the code, there are a lot of 
style-adherents amongst them, so let's keep them satisfied and our mail boxes 
free of the messages like "first change your codding style before submitting 
anything" (btw, I remember one of the answers after publishing of first 
i-pipe patch was of that kind). btw, there are some parts of the kernel (e.g. 
some filesystems, if I'm not wrong) that use another style;

3) ok, I may assume, that if a person is familiar with some codding style, 
he/she gets a few percent speed-up when reading the code that is of the same 
style. At least, for the first few minutes :) But here we must assume that 
the most part of the potential readers/contributors like the linux codding 

err.. to sum it up, I like the current codding style, but if 1-3) + smth else 
are worthy things, then why not. I'll get used to another style, if the code 
will remain err. well-readable :)

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> Philippe.

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