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Bruno Rouchouse wrote:
> ...
> A preview is already online on gna:
> http://snail.fsffrance.org/www.xenomai.org/index.php

Yea, very nice. And it has a clearer menu structure than the old new
rtai site, i.e. only one menu. ;)
>  PS: the main picture should be changed to something more appropriate for
> the project in the near future. Just need to find a good designer to help me
> doing that. Xenomai logos (in several sizes) will also be published on the
> website in case you want to use it for some articles or presentations.

The logo looks nice - who's the designer? Shouldn't (s)he work out the
image as well...?

I designed the logo. After a couple of beers I got inspired but I would need to drink too much to obtain the same result with the image :)
More seriously, I already know someone that can help for the banner. The thing is more to find the ideas about the content of this picture. It'll take a bit of time to come to maturity. I'm going to concentrate on the content until there :)

>  Feel free to send me your comments if any but don't forget it is just a
> preview with a bunch of stuff missing.

Some further potential items of interest for the menu or sub-pages (no
particular ordering):

- Documentation (link to the pdf folder or, even better, a page listing
                 the available docs)
- Download      (obvious)
- SVN           (quick access to checkout instructions and the viewer)
- Cross-Ref     (our service for browing the code, may also be
                 migrated and adapted to the page design, an update of
                 the lxr engine could also be considered - I could try
                 to have a look)
- Roadmap       (what's scheduled for the near- and long-term, ok, this
                 will need maintenance...)

OK  thanks I take that into account.

Looking forward to the final site release!

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