Em Domingo 26 Março 2006 06:49, Jan Kiszka escreveu:

>Maybe derived a subset from the full V4L2 API is the way to go. But
>let's wait if you discover other interface designs.

Actually, my priorities changed again... I'll need to finish (start actually) 
an application using the camera in a hard real-time context for writing 
another article for RTSS (http://www.rtss.org) that will happen in Brazil 
this year. Hope to see some of you here if my article is approved. Then I 
will come back to my interface designs research...

>> This method also requires poll and select to be implemented in V4L2. We
>> should discuss how to deal with it if we stick with the V4L2 variant idea.
>Hmm, what file descriptors have to be monitored in parallel so that
>poll/select is required?

I didn't really understand why should poll/select be required, but the author 
says it is too important to be optional... We should ask him why ;) Anyway, 
there are more efficient ways for monitoring a buffer state and wait for 
events in RTDM. I don't think we should use poll/select anyway...

>> Which vision applications do you have in mind?
>So far "only" a subset of your scenario: One of my colleagues needs to
>synchronise frame timestamps with timestamps of other input, from range
>sensors e.g. The actually processing is not (yet?) hard RT, but the
>input synchronisation is essential.

I think that the timestamp provided by the interface is enough, don't you 

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