Christopher Stone wrote:
Is there planned support for native AMD x86_64 support?  We have several
of these machines on our desktops and would like to upgrade our HWIL
machines as well.

[Christopher Stone] I definitely plan to add AMD x86_64 support for my XLM
project. I have a dual core AMD X2 chip I want to test XLM on. I don't have
specific dates when it will be available yet.

Thanks again for the helpful input you all gave me several weeks ago.  Since 
that time, I put together a presentation for my coworkers and customers on 
migrating our current hardware-in-the-loop simulation framework to a new RTOS.  
We primarily discussed the advantages and disadvantages of Xenomai and 
RTLinuxPro.  In the end, everyone seemed to agree with my conclusion that 
Xenomai appears to be the best solution for us, with one qualification.  My 
boss is not comfortable with the decision until there is x86_64 support.

If no one is planning to add support for the x86_64 platform in the near 
future, it is possible that we may be able to provide some funding to help make 
this happen.  Could someone provide an estimate of the level of effort required 
(man-hours/length of time) to port Xenomai to this architecture?  
Unfortunately, I believe our current contract may limit us to hiring U.S. 
citizens, which may prove to be a problem, judging by the traffic on this email 
list.  None of this is a certainty at this point, and I will investigate things 
further.  At this time, I just want to see if anyone would be interested in 
doing such work, if our customers are able to fund it.


Jeff Webb

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