Jan Kiszka wrote:
Brian L. wrote:

How could I forget mlockall? I've been calling it in rtai forever...Is
there any other neccessary boilerplate?

This is a very frequently made mistake. Philippe, is there a chance add
some simple debug check for this situation? Something to check when the
first shadow thread is created for a process?

The following patch would cause SIGXCPU to be sent to emerging real-time threads from a non-fully mlocked program (i.e. not including MCL_FUTURE). We should make this conditionally compiled too. I'm not sure that we would not introduce problems when dealing with mmio areas mapped in user-space at least for older kernel revisions (the VM_IO issue might have been fixed in recent kernels, though), this is why I would tend to make it easy to work around this check by simply ignoring the signal, for handling specific init configurations for which people know what they are doing.

--- ksrc/nucleus/shadow.c       (revision 875)
+++ ksrc/nucleus/shadow.c       (working copy)
@@ -754,6 +754,9 @@

+    if (!(current->mm->def_flags & VM_LOCKED))
+       send_sig(SIGXCPU,current,1);
     current->cap_effective |=



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